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Akili is a pre-seed to Series A fund tailored for Africa, and built on our experiences at Prehype incubating new ventures along with VC and corporate partners. Our philosophy is based on the belief that there are very interesting problems that are often difficult for entrepreneurs to execute on, whether because they are hidden inside corporations, neglected in disaffected communities, or in geographies that present different challenges than traditional startup markets. We're now bringing the Prehype model to Africa to help finance African entrepreneurs solving African problems.

HQ: Kampala + NYC

Eastern Focus. Continental Reach.

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Dustyn Winder, Managing Partner

Dustyn is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of, where he gets to indulge his seeming inability to specialize. Over the past ten years in and around Africa, Dustyn has worked in the NGO, private, and public sectors as a founder, consultant, employee, and gadfly, on everything from public health to education, private equity to energy.

Based on the continent, Dustyn leads deal flow, diligence, and strategic partnerships, spending most of his time building relationships with entrepreneurs, tech hubs, and industry stakeholders. He loves introducing incredible people to one another.

Dustyn lives in Kampala, Uganda with his wife and two toddler boys, and when not failing to keep up with them, he loves to read, write and think about technology, economics, emerging markets, social enterprise, and BIG solutions for HUGE problems. He also digs the NBA, European football, and SciFi.


Amit Lubling, Managing Partner

Amit is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of, a role where he continues his lifelong exploration of un(der)seen problem spaces and purpose built technology. In addition to akili, Amit is a partner at Prehype, a global venture development firm, where he works with corporates around the world to build, invest in and support new ventures and incredible entrepreneurs addressing underserved market opportunities.

Amit leads LP relations and our network of infrastructure and services for entrepreneurs. He is a serial entrepreneur himself, having founded companies spanning a variety of domains including wireless broadband infrastructure, mobile banking, alternative currencies, digital content payments, telehealth, and coaching services.

Amit lives in New York City, where Prehype is headquartered in a building full of dogs. Amit lives with his wife and two boys, and when not at home building LEGO sets with them, he enjoys reading, writing and teaching others about the intersection of philosophy, entrepreneurship, and the method of intelligence. Amit is a student of American philosophy, Italian Art, and Middle Eastern cuisine.